How to Fix Missing Android Market / Google Play

Have you ever lost a play store/android market or the default application on your android phone? Whether it was on purpose or not? Maybe you have a problem like this, but confused how to reinstall. If you ever do backup the data, it is not a problem, because we can easily restore it.  What if you never do? the first step that comes in your mind is to download the application and install it back. Unfortunately, it often comes the next problems. After installing the application, it frequently forces close and sometimes can not be opened.

The application frequently forces close and cannot be opened because Play store or other default applications are part of the application system. These applications cannot work if you install it in the normal way. To install these applications you should get permission to access the system by giving permissions to the applicationn.
Here is how you should do

1. Download the latest version of Google play store APK  in order that you do not need to update the application. Please find a trusted source or scan the file using anti virus before use.
2. After downloading, rename Play store.apk to Vending.apk and save it in SD card.
3. Cut the Vending.apk and paste to folder “system/app”
4. After that you should find RW/RO option on the top-corner. Change into RO (read only)
5. Touch and hold vending.apk until you find notification, then click permissions on the notification.
6. Then you should checklist R and W to the fisrt line, R to the second line and R to the third line and then select save. After that restart the phone.
7. Once the phone lives look at the menu screen, the application has been playstore default application. Simply open the application for about 5 -10 minute usage of browsing . After that exit the application.
8. Get into Settings, choose application manager, find play store applications and it’s cache data. The application is ready for usage.

Note that at the first usage, the application will experience slow loading until the application is fully cached and returned to normal.